little plastic pretty girl

trying to look down and up at the same time

19 May
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Somewhere along the line I went from being a giggling girl to a wise wise woman. I want to be a pirate, I want to be a teacher, and sometimes, I still giggle. A lot. I am a musician at heart, and a child at large. I'm a taurus with lots of gemini tendencies.. and sometimes I wonder if I act that way because I've read that I should act that way, or if that's how I truly am. *shrug* Time may tell, I suppose. Sometimes I feel very zen, and sometimes I just want to break things, but I guess that's what keeps me interesting.

HEY! I like my internet radio station. You should like it, too.

RENT is love.

i believe in the beauty of our children.
i believe in the magic of music.
i believe in me.