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the fix

i heart rachel.

i dunno exactly how she found it. it was in, like, a subdirectory of a subdirectory of a subdirectory of the directory main.php resides in. and it wasn't even in a php file and it wasn't even a file called something obvious sounding, like, you know "headers."

but there it was. and rachel found it. yay rachel! she gets baked goods.

free baked goods

i will seriously make someone yummy baked goods (once i'm healthy again, of course) if they can go to www.whatsuptigerlily.com/gallery and tell me why the logo i uploaded is all squished and tiny.

this person needs to understand php and css like WHOA. i have been searching through code all fricking morning and i can't figure out what exactly controls that teeny little image which should, in fact, not be teeny, but should stretch almost halfway across the screen.

i can send all the files you ask me to and if you're a good little boy or girl, i'll even get you the login info so you can search the 2409585679876 folders in the gallery directory yourself.

i for real have a headache from staring at this crap. or maybe it's just the sickness.

photo gallery software


Anyone have any thoughts on these? I'm absolutely clueless as to how these work.

hopefully by this time tomorrow...

hopefully by this time tomorrow i will be the proud owner of one of these babies...

hells yea for keytars. i think i even know what im going to name her.

Button Maker

I'm getting a tigerlily button maker. Which button maker does anybody out there use? I know people out there own their own! Help!

i LIKE this horoscope.

Don't be too surprised if you encounter someone's eccentricities today, for this is nothing to be embarrassed about. It's all too easy for you to get stuck in your preconceived judgments and to resist unfamiliar ideas or people just to keep yourself comfortable. Instead, get yourself out of the rut you are in by taking a chance and voluntarily seeking alternative ways of thinking and living.


hotness. this bodes well.

thanks, universe! love, tigerlily

Every day is a good day, Anna, to do something you've never done before.

Especially when you dream of living, like you've never lived before.

Prepare thy way,
The Universe

early birthday

i know my birthday is, like, months away. but for real. if anyone really feels like splurging on me, a skein of yarn from here would be awesome. for those of you who have no idea about buying yarn and what may or may not be too expensive, know that most of the pretty decent yarn you can get (and a lot of what i usually get) from, for example, lion brand, usually goes from anywhere between $3 and $10. With the amount of yarn from one skein, I can probably make on scarf. I tend to like scarfs on the longer side, so more often than not, I'm using two skeins of yarn. So anyway, at the most, im spending MAX $20 for a scarf. MAX. As I'm thinking about it, I don't think I've ever actually spent that much on a yarn.

At this place, however - http://materialwhirled.com/index.html - an average skein of yarn, that i could use for one scarf or one hat, or maybe a complete set of gloves (ive never tried gloves, so i dont know), or all the accents on the hems of a sweater or jacket, averages around $35. Some of them are almost $50. Definitely they seem worth the price, because they are gorgeous yarns, and many of them have beads or flowers or bows or other type things plied in with the main thread, but still.

For example, this yarn, which im seriously loving: http://www.materialwhirled.com/A6.htm - called nuaghty girl. or this one: http://www.materialwhirled.com/A6.htm - called ladybug stew. so pretty! i am seriously into the expensive yarns, its too bad that i could never really make this a lucrative business, or even a lucrative side project. if i spend 50 on a scarf, well, i'd have to at least charge that much just to make the money back, and then id add on money for the labor. let's pretend i just add on 10.. who really wants to pay 60 for a scarf?

how did they know?

i know my letter from the universe is really just a mass email, and that that letter gets sent out ot a looooot of people on a list. but how did they know that this is what i needed to hear today?


Not events, Anna, but outcomes. Visualize outcomes.

Not the cracking of the bat, but gliding over home plate.

Not the inking of the deals, but the kind of life you'll lead.

Not the scale, the diet or food, but the admiration you have earned.

And not the whens, the wheres, and hows, but the laughter, high-fives, and wows.

Not events, Anna, but outcomes. Visualize outcomes.

The Universe

black phoenix alchemy lab!

my perfumes came! when i have the time i am TOTALLY reviewing each and every single one of them in here.

see, cuz the thing is, with perfume, you don't smell it all at once. so i can't just go sniffing at all of them and expect to be able to give you a good review. so stay tuned!